In addition to my studio practice, I am also a teacher and educator having worked in varied community arts projects, the health sector, and local government. Over the past thirty-five years I have taught in primary, secondary, higher and further education, delivering courses and workshops to a wide range of people with varying levels of ability.

The focus of my mainstream teaching is to help participants become visually fluent and to encourage engagement with a range of materials and techniques, including life drawing, printmaking, collage and book-making. My workshops are designed to help participants explore alternatives to traditional drawing, painting and visual arts experiences. This might include, for example, an exploration of drawing styles, mark making, and the relationships between space, weight, form and line.

Workshops for health and wellbeing, in hospitals and in the community, are designed to provide participants with new experiences, opening a door to a world not yet discovered. The sessions offer a creative path, and a route to greater confidence and self-esteem, often leading to the realisation of previously untapped potential, both by the participant and also by their family members.

Art is a visual language spoken in different dialects (or disciplines), each of us capable of varying degrees of fluency. My role as an educator is to provide a safe and nurturing platform in which to teach a fundamental skill base and encourage artists to develop their own visual language and identity.

Life Drawing

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Frances is a motivational and inspirational Teacher. She has a depth of experience and knowledge which she drip feeds the class week by week, so that every week we learn new, exciting techniques. I feel energised and happy after every class.
Carla, Ruthven Art Classes.

DJCAD Design Students
Line & Wire Drawings and Energy Drawings

I have really enjoyed these classes. We always have a very clear focus and new techniques to try out. The classes are practical, creative, experimental and fun.

Graeme, DJCAD Design

Adult Mental Health
Memory Books and the Walled Garden Project

I am so glad I came to the art group although I was nervous, I absolutely loved it and being in the group. I have become a lot more outgoing and have more confidence and I am feeling better in myself. Thank you so very much. I have enjoyed the art more than I can say.

Janet, Perth Adult Mental Health (PAMH)

Abstracting Nature

JD Fergusson Gallery Perth

Excellent tuition in a relaxed atmosphere. You are a patient, encouraging and inspiring teacher. Thank you for your wisdom and support. I have loved every minute.

Rae, Perth Museum and Art Gallery (PMAG)

Easter Logie Arts Group

Frances’ teaching is fantastically inspirational. She is full of ideas and a day with her tutoring is never dull. Frances will push us to try different media and interesting ways of approaching a subject. As an artist there is always more to learn and Frances encourages us to experiment with things we haven’t done before. She is always very positive about our work and helps us to overcome the problems we encounter as well as the possibilities and different directions in which we might want to take our work.
Sarah, Easter Logie Studios

DJCAD Portfolio
Mark Making and Sculpted Heads

We’ve been so lucky to have you as our tutor. Thank you for restoring my confidence to try.

Lily, DJCAD Portfolio Class

Alyth School Mural Project

Big Painting Start Festival Blairgowrie

Thank you, Frances, fired up again with lots of ideas and enthusiasm, You’re a natural enabler and Teacher.
Cate, Airlie Art Classes

Birnam Arts Printmaking

Bow Tent Project, Strathmore Arts

Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust (THAT)

Thank you for reawakening my senses and for the warmth and friendship found within the group. My special thanks for making the classes such an enjoyable experience. I will miss the class very much.
Anne, THAT Parkinson’s Group