Frances Law

The Architecture of Nature

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Queen's Cross Church

6th September - 31st October 2013

The Mackintosh Church in Glasgow is the only church in the world designed by the great Scottish architect, designer and artist. The principle beauty of the building is the simplicity of the design combined with an intrinsic sense of space and light creating timelessness, imbued with the spirit of Mackintosh.

"The Architecture of Nature" exhibition synthesises the work of Frances Law with that of Mackintosh providing a harmonious link between the two artists through their interest in nature and architecture. As a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society, Frances Law was commissioned to create a series of works for the church and hall. Law's paintings are of monumental proportion in relation to her source material. Exploring behind the initial appearance of shells found on the beaches of Iona, Law creates dynamic images; curves, arches and vaults, similar in structure to the forms of gothic architecture. This transference of scale directly echoes much of Mackintosh's architectural work and through the work of both artists we see familiar natural emblems reworked to speak of wonder and stature.

Offering a contemporary resonance to the work of Mackintosh, Law uses the inspiration of the building to create a sense of presence, spaciousness and flow in her work, drawing on the unseen and revealing the power and energy within natural forms. For both artists the act of creating is a process of looking both inside and out using spiritual purity within organic systems at the root of their exploration. Further to this investigation is a metamorphosis of light, the transformation of which leaves us with feelings of peace, tranquillity and restoration.

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